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  • 1979 Franco Togni developed new transport and conveyor systems for ground-level material handling.
  • 1997 first automated storage and retrieval system, that can store pallets on shelving and recover them automatically.
  • 2002 presentation and marketing of the first remote control Autosat machine.
  • 2007 internationalization, automated warehouses in Eastern Europe, India and China.
  • 2010 Supercap, the first battery-less machine running on a supercapacitor, that can work between -30°C and +55C°.
  • 2015 design and manufacturing of the largest textile “rolls” warehouse in Antwerp (Belgium).
  • 2017 appointment of dr. Giuseppe Stefanelli as Chief Executive Officer.
  • 2018 developement of increasingly engineered products for pioneering systems and solutions that are personalized according to each client’s requirements.
  • Field: integrated logistics, automated warehouses.
  • Mission: design and production of solutions, systems and machines for storage and automated management of the logistics chain from production to distribution.
  • Keyword: flow, performance, integration, automation, control.
  • Keymen: Franco Togni, Walter Danne, Roberta Togni, Gianni Togni.
  • Numbers: 120 people, 7 international offices, 2 production areas (14,400 m² production area, 1050 m² sales/service area), 2,5% invested in R&D.
  • Awards 2015: ADI Golden compass award honorable mention for the AutosatMover; “company to watch of the year” (CERVED rating agency).
  • Plants: 4000 Satellites installed, 300 AUTOSATMOVER installed, 350 Automatic plants installed, 2.485.000 Loading units moved.
  • Consolidation of industry technological leadership.
  • Development of new integration/implementation solutions for logistics from production to distribution.
  • Synergy between systems optimized for economies of scale and simultaneous management of supply diversification/customization.
  • Increased productivity by reducing margins of error down to zero.
  • Lower energy requirement and environmental impact (climate control automation).
  • IOT technology integrated in Factory 4.0, equipped for the circular economy for global sustainability.
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