WHAT we do

Rushmover is the fully-automated modular circuit for the transportation of all types of pallet, suitable for all industrial sectors.

After Autosat® and AutosatMover, the two machines that have revolutionized the world of warehouse logistics, Automha created a tool which is capable of connecting distant parts of a logistics system and of following articulated and flexible paths, even over long distances.

It is a circuit powered by a bus bar integrated into a light aluminium rail system on which rapid shuttles run, which are capable of handling pallets of varying weight and dimension; the RUSHMOVER system allows intensive productivity thanks to the exceptionally high speeds reached and perfect integration with pre-existing systems.

What really distinguishes RUSHMOVER from other Wagon Loop systems is its capacity to curve in two directions. This characteristic makes it possible to manage extremely flexible routes set out over long distances, which respect pre-existing structures.

Furthermore, RUSHMOVER is a scalable system. The circuit in fact allows for the integration of additional shuttles into the loop over time, thus respecting the changing requirements of the client.

When necessary, or for maintenance, the RUSHMOVER shuttles can easily be removed from the circuit via a dedicated gantry without the need to completely shut down the system.

Furthermore, the vehicles running in the loop can be moved manually via a simple multi-lingual infra-red remote controller.


  • Modular system
  • Handling of long and complex routes

  • Possibility to change direction
  • Light and easy-to install rails
  • Easy maintenance
  • Radio controller for manual commands capable of handling multiple shuttles
  • Installation of on-board roller or chain conveyor according to requirements
  • Suitable for all types of pallet
  • Suitable for all industrial sectors
  • Constant operational levels at temperatures of between -30°C and +55°C
  • Designed by AUTOMHA