WHY Automha

Key strengths

Why choose Automha? Look at its numbers, the quality of its solutions, its results, and do the math.
Today Automha is a leading technology company through its capacity to turn constraints into opportunities, designing each project based on our customers’ requirement – thanks to its team of designers and products, systems and solutions.
Automation is the result of ideas, inventions, implementations coming from our technical background and built up over the last 30 years out of new sciences such as electronics, information technology and mechatronics.
Automha’s key strengths can be summarized by the 5 principles of the Automha Code, which provide the DNA of technological information, and reveal the historical origins of Italian high-tech.

Automha code

The Automha code is our DNA, a summary of experience and innovation,
technology and creativity, actions and intentions, constraints and possibilities.

Fluens fabrica
Moving system

Fluens Fabrica means flowing system and refers to the first conveyor belts, built by our ancestors 2000 years ago to transport the most valuable commodity: water.

Automha, the modern personification of the Italian high-tech industry, has developed horizontal material handling systems – the building blocks of any integrated logistics – since 1979.

Surgens in excelsis
Rising to excellence

Surgens in Excelsis means the quest for spiritual elevation, which has taken architecture to new heights as tangible symbols of excellence since the year 1000.

1000 years later, Automha introduced the first automated storage and retrieval system, that can store pallets on shelving and recover them automatically.

Motu proprio
Automatic machine

Motu proprio was a self-propelled car designed in 1478 by Leonardo da Vinci in search of the utopian dream of perpetual motion driven by internal energy.

In 2010 Automha rolled out Supercap, a new concept of battery-less machine which works in any climatic conditions thanks to its own internal energy source, a super capacitor inspired by the arms industry.

Deus ex machina
Godlike by automation

In classical theatre, Deus ex machina is a character that suddenly appears on stage (dropped from above using wires or pulleys) resolving the final scene, the result of the combined genius of writers, set designers and engineers.

From a combination of technology and creativity comes the functionality of the automated warehouse, that can make boxes and pallets appear and disappear, as the actors and scenery at the director’s command.

Forma mentis
Mental order

Forma Mentis is a Latin phrase that refers to the human capacity to rationalize chaos, transforming reality into an ordered system, the ultimate expression being the invention of the personal computer (Italy, 1963).

Today Automha is the market leader in intra-logistics automation: goods are processed as information, quickly and accurately, as part of a circular economy, where time is key.

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