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Automha is able to provide the most appropriate response to every need of efficiency in intralogistics.

Automha provides the most appropriate solution to make any intra-logistics system more efficient, from supplying machines and equipment to configuring integration systems up to designing and manufacturing customized solutions.
Automha solutions stem from technological decisions that meet the specific requirements of each industry and each customer’s specific strategic requirements.
For each industry that relies on storage (food & beverage, frozen food, textile, electromechanical, distribution centers, pharmaceutical) and for each strategic requirement (green field projects, on site restructuring, revamping, retrofitting), Automha supplies solutions using various technologies (in terms of mechanical, electrical, mechatronics, information technology in the most relevant configurations and implementations).
But Automha’s true specialization is its capacity to focus on each customer’s project individually with a dedicated design and solution.

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