Vertical lift module

WHAT we do


Masterlift is an automatic storage and refilling system, characterized by a simple construction.

Through the addition of vertical modules you can expand it, allowing a remarkable storage of the products in the drawers and a quick, computerized collection of items.

  • Flatpack system: it extracts and inserts the trays on the brackets supporting the involved levels, and serves the work bays. An automatic machine manages the translation and lifting movements.
  • Handled load units: the drawers are made of metal sheet with slotted walls for the division into compartments and/or provided with plastic containers for small parts.
  • Drawers compartment: it is guaranteed by a reading, in the loading bay, of the encumbrance in maximum height, which determines dynamically the storage location of the drawer.
  • Integrated safety in the bay/operator: photocells system of intrinsically safe barrier.
  • Modular total: it allows to realize the warehouse with the most consistent storage capacity, always having the maximum expandability.


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