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HEAVYTOWER, automated vertical storage system, is designed to store long materials, metal sheets and heavy carpentry, guaranteeing very high capacities. It is usually used as a buffer tank / buffer near cutting and production machines or as an inter-operational warehouse.

The material that is typically stored consists of steel bars and profiles, pipes, heavy accessories, semi-finished products, components, molds, long material in general and metal sheets. These systems offer the advantage of dynamic storage – working in “goods-to-operator” mode – and can maximize the use of space at height, making the assortment of material available quickly and easily.

The HEAVYTOWER vertical warehouse is available as a storage system:




Using a latest generation extractor, the elevator transfers the load units from the storage positions within the system transfer area to the operator at an ergonomic height. The vertical system can be equipped with several operator areas, both in the front and side position.

The operator area (or picking bay) is designed in such a way as to allow the operator to load and unload entire packages of heavy material using a forklift truck, or to pick up individual pieces manually (using a crane) or automatically (through the manipulator to move the material to the machine work table). The operator area can also be a weighing point for recording the weight of the material to be loaded or unloaded. The control system, with touch screen on the operator terminal, enables the manual or automatic mode of control of the storage operations. The system provides a high quality display of operational and diagnostic information, important for the operator’s convenience.

The vertical management of the warehouse is already ready for external communications, for integration into the user’s intralogistics management system or for data connection with another external device, such as a cutting machine or a forming machine.

Starting from the HEAVYTOWER machines operating separately, it is possible to create a controlled multi-warehouse system.

The advantages of Heavytower

The advantages of Heavytower

1_“Goods- to -operator” principle
2_Effective use of space
3_High capacity on minimum area
4_Easy material handling
5_High material protection
6_Warehouse management
7_Easy system control and maintenance

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