HOW we operate

It takes major commitment for complex projects.

We work with steely determination, organization and passion: this is our forma mentis.
The skills and competitiveness of our exceptional people, that give their best to BE the best.


Automha follows the customer from the first stage of the project, offering the best solution, thanks to the high technology of its machines and surely guarantees interesting investments.

Engineering and project

The production of a system requires the preparation of the technical specifications, which define all the mechanical and electrical details, but mostly the AWM software interface with customer management (SAP, AS400, and all others).


Every machine, every mechanical and electrical component, PLC software and management software of Automha systems are manufactured, assembled and tested in the company by our qualified technicians. This allows us to obtain a high standard control and guarantees to the final user maximum efficiency and reliability.


Automha directly follows each installation step by step in any part of the world. Every logistic detail is strictly analyzed: from shipping, which is always accurate, to the coordination of the technicians, who all belong to our well-trained and expert staff.


Commisioning, testing and start-up

Each Automha System is strictly tested. All the start-up stages are followed in detail and the various operative situations are reproduced meticulously.


During and after the installation of a system, Automha offers the users training courses. The company supplies all the equipment necessary to learn all of the operative functions during start-up and it organizes customized tutoring sessions. Thanks to the detailed technical documentation given to the customers, Automha is able to let the customer be independent in every stage of system maintenance.


Automha does not just install and start-up the system: the maintenance department also plans specific tutoring, maintenance and up-grades, so as to constantly monitor the efficiency and safety of the systems supplied.


Automha customer service is active 24/7, 365 days a year, a remote maintenance connection allows direct access to the functions of the warehouse and immediate reaction. Automha is also able to guarantee, if needed, on-site service.

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