WHAT we do


HEAVYTOWER, automated vertical storage systems, is designed for storing long span material, sheets metal and heavy carpentry guaranteeing very high flow rates. They are usually used as a buffer near cutting machines and production or as an inter-operative warehouse. Typically, stored material is sheet metal or profile rods and tubes. These systems offer the benefits of dynamic storage – working in the „goods to operator“ mode and can maximize the space height utilization, while maintaining easy and fast availability of stored material assortments.

HEAVYTOWER vertical warehouse is offered as:

  • a mono- tower
  • double-tower
  • multi-tower

The lifting manipulator with the extractor performs the transfer of the loading units between the storage locations within the system and the operator transfer area, which is at the ergonomic height. The vertical system can be equipped with more operator areas, either at front and/or at side machine position.

The design of the operator area (or picking area) allows to load and unload the entire packages of heavy material using a forklift or to take individual pieces manually (using a crane) or automatically (by manipulator for material move to the machine working table). The operator area can be also a weighing point for recording the weight of the material being loaded or unloaded.

The control system, with touch screen on the control panel, enables manual or automatic mode of storage operations control. The system provides high-quality visualization of operational and diagnostic information, important for operator ́s convenience. Vertical warehouse management is ready for external communications, for integration into user ́s intra-logistics management system or data connection with another external device – such as a dividing or a forming machine. From the individually working HEAVYTOWER machines is possible to create a controlled multi-warehouse system.


  • “Goods to operator” principle
  • Effective space utilization
  • High capacity on a minimum area
  • Easy material manipulation
  • High material protection
  • Warehouse management, remnants included
  • Easy system control and maintenance